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We are excited to introduce a collection of reusable personal protection products made of breathable materials and custom prints.


Printed with an exclusive custom graphic print available in multiple colorways, our fitted face masks are made with an anti-fluid fabric with 85% repellency against particles and liquids and 100% cotton lining. The all-natural fabrics are breathable and hypoallergenic for the utmost comfort. A contrast trim and adjustable sidebands ensure a tailored fit. Using our reusable mask reduces environmental impact 15 times compared to disposable face masks.


Pair with our matching reusable gloves to complete your stylish yet considered outdoor ensemble.


Please note that these masks are not intended to act as a replacement for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment. Due to the hygienic nature of this product, all sales are final.




  • Wash mask prior to first use and after each use
  • Machine wash in warm water and lay flat to dry




This is how you really want to enjoy gemwater. Forget those generic plastic pitchers and go all the way with a match made in heaven: An Era Decanter PLUS an original VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial. 

Volume 1,3 Liter, height 37cm, diameter ca. 11cm.

This is your one-stop solution for your gemwater needs. This great bundle comes with an Era Decanter and an INSPIRATION Gemstone Vial.

When thinking of the best way to display our beautiful hand-crafted vials we knew we had to create something elegant, affordable, easy to use and safe. Our Era Decanter and vials are a match that could only be made in heaven. Our Era Decanter sets allow your entire home or office to experience gem water in the best way possible and are a major conversation piece for any get-together or event. Our Era Decanter looks perfect on any countertop or kitchen table as well as office break room or conference space. The Era is also dishwasher safe, easy to assemble and disassemble for washing, and allows the vial to be showcased in a safe way. Let our hand-tailored Era Decanter Set provide a vibrant and exclusive setting for our gemstone vials and maximize usability. A gem water set to start a new era in the preparation of gem water.

Change the world with your creativity and break fresh ground! Get inspired by enjoying a glass of crystal elixir from this enchanting combination of rutilated quartz and the deep, celestial blue lapis lazuli – a symbol for spirituality in ancient Egypt about 6,000 years ago. The beautiful, golden-streaked rutile is said to energize and to improve awareness. Your brain is made up of about 75% liquid. Research has revealed that drinking water when we feel thirsty boosts our brain's performance. Feed your brainpower every day with this very special blend of crystal water.




milk opal - amethyst - clear quartz - lapis lazuli - garnet - carnelian - orange calcite

Get your doshas in balance and experience ancient Indian healing traditions. Full of bright and abundant colors as the Holi Festival in Rajasthan!


Height: 8.9" // Diameter: 2.7" // Volume: 16.9 fl. oz. // Weight: ca. 1.1 lbs.


The word Ayurveda means "science of life" and is the traditional holistic system of Indian medicine. The more than 3000-year old concept also uses gems for therapeutic purposes. Ayurveda gem therapy claims that every gem has properties that can help to balance specific doshas and heal certain physical or emotional conditions.

Our friend Walter von Holst, one of the most important representatives of modern crystal healing research, helped us creating this blend with a focus on the seven basic Ayurvedic tissues.

With this unique, colorful blend we’d like to celebrate the increasing acceptance of alternative healing approaches in the tradition of Ayurveda and the concept of modern crystal healing, for which VitaJuwel stands like no other.



Valued by sommeliers around the world, our hand-crafted wine decanter is an exquisite masterpiece.


The VINO Gemstone Vial with its curved surface is wonderfully complemented by our uniquely shaped wine decanter. Made for magic moments.


Length ca. 40cm, height ca. 17cm
*Only contains wine decanter
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