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The cubist movement of the early twentieth century began as a revolt against the artistic ideals of previous years and featured deconstructed objects that were rejoined in abstract ways. Western Europe embraced cubism in paintings and sculpture but in Bohemia (now the Czech Republic) its grasp extended to architecture and the applied arts as well. No doubt a walk around modern-day Prague, with its many echoes of this movement, inspired Czech artist Rony Plesl to design the Cubism collection for Moser.

Height: 10,3 cm | Capacity: 220 ml | Year of creation: 2009 |Product ID: 29821

  • slow down, relax and spend a pleasant moment with your favorite whiskey
  • enjoy it from hand-cut whiskey tumblers 
  • world-renowned Bohemian cubism, celebrated for its characteristic broken surfaces in architecture and sculpture, inspired %link_plesl_aj% to design his collection
  • this effect is amplified in the glass with the penetration of light which further deforms space in a magic way
  • irregular shadow given by hand cutting, in a way, each piece is an original
  • hand-blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand-cut and hand-polished to a high gloss
  • available in six Moser´s translucent colors in addition to clear
Moser Barware Royal Moser Barware Royal
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This Moser design was commissioned by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of England in 1907. Moser received a Royal Warrant as Purveyor of Glass to the British Monarch - a highly unusual honor for a non-British Supplier. The pattern is diamond cut by hand and rimmed in 24-karat gold. Following the king's death the design was released and subsequently purchased by the Royal House of Norway and the United Nations among many other royal courts and governments.


Moser Confident Crystal Policy
Moser is not only the most exquisite but also the purest, finest crystal in existence. In fact, its unrivaled quality is backed by Moser’s Confident Crystal Policy. In the unlikely event that a piece of your Moser stemware or barware breaks, under our policy you can replace it with an identical piece for 50% off the prevailing suggested retail price.

To qualify for this lifetime replacement policy, when you purchase Moser stemware or barware simply complete and return to us an official registration card. Available at your Moser retailer, the card provides complete details.


BonBon Barware
A mesh pattern imparts a dramatic sparkle on the Bonbon collection thereby drawing comparisons to an exquisite jewel. Clearly Moser’s skill with cutting rivals the best that mother nature has to offer.

12.3 OZ.


Moser Stemware Splendid Collection-Moser stemware is famous for seducing the eye with its elaborately cut and gilded stems or its sleekly sophisticated and contemporary lines. Yet Moser harbors an inner beauty that’s far deeper. Lead-free and ecologically-friendly since its founding, Moser was born of environmental consciousness in the 1800s -- a full century before most were attuned to the topic.

Moser was the brainchild of glass engraver Ludwig Moser, who was determined to develop crystal as hard as rock and as brilliant as leaded crystal without using a trace of lead. The result was Moser crystal, the pièce de résistance among crystal for its brilliance, suitability for intricate engraving and richness of colors. Because it contains no lead there is never air contamination from the melting of heavy metals, and it is exempt from the warnings in California’s Proposition 65 law citing lead as a cause for health concerns.

-Goblet 11.5 OZ., 9.3" H
-Red Wine 8.8 OZ., 8.6" H
-White Wine 6.7 OZ., 7.8" H
-Champagne Flute 4.7 OZ., 8.1" H

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