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Soie Tressée, French for "Silk Braid," is a modern expression of a timeless classic and offers a contemporary look on an ancient shape. Made of Limoges porcelain, this dinnerware collection is available in white or with the braids beautifully accentuated in hand-gilded 24K gold, platinum, or black.



  • 12.5 D in
  • 32 D cm


  • Limoges Porcelain
  • Black Accents


  • Available in White, Gold, Platinum, and Black


  • All L'OBJET collections are made with exceptional materials, and with proper use and care, will last for generations.
  • L'OBJET dinnerware with colored glazed accents are dishwasher safe, using a gentle energy-efficient air-dry cycle or may be hand-washed and dried with a soft cloth. Handwash oversize pieces. Do not overload the dishwasher. Avoid abrasive soaps and detergents containing citrus scents or additives.
  • After use, rinse in hot water to avoid prolonged contact with acidic substances which can stain colored glazed finish.
  • When storing, stack carefully to avoid scratches in the colored glazed finish.
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