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Herend China Rothschild Bird Green Border Triangle Dish 9.5"L
Trimmed in 24k gold
9 1/2 inches long

Herend is a sound investment in hand painted art, but not the sort to admire from afar. Its durable hard paste porcelain body and dishwasher-safe attribute make it a breeze to enjoy. Each piece is unique and motifs vary. Rothschild Bird Green Border is a lush design featuring the highly recognizable bird motif framed by tiny individually hand painted rich green fish scales outlined in 24-karat gold.

Many connoisseurs consider this pattern, first created in 1860 for the Rothschild family of Europe, to be the epitome of hand painting on porcelain. Twelve different motifs portray a 19th century tale about Baroness Rothschild, who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence. Several days later it was found by her gardener, who saw birds playing with it in a tree.


Herend China Rothschild Bird Green Square Cake Plate With Handles
Trimmed in 24k gold
9 1/2 inches square
Rothschild Bird Green Pattern


Herend Rothschild Bird Turkey Platter

The Beauty Is Legendary, But That's Only The Beginning.

Herend is perpetual, with dinnerware patterns never discontinued. Those purchased today will always be available, whether one, ten or a hundred years go by.
Herend is timeless, being ever in vogue.
Herend is uniquely yours, with dinnerware personalization options ranging from hand painted 24-kt gold monograms to custom-designed sets.
Herend keeps excellent company, being owned by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities from all walks of life and sold in very select stores specializing in superior goods and service.

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